Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tools - tools - tools...

Tools - tools - tools...

Our signature series of tools for skagitanglers to enjoy
When you flyfish and tie your own flies you need tools - and lots of them - for all kinds of purposes. Tools like scissors, nippers and pliers in different sizes, shapes and colors are essential to our hobby. We all know how frustrating it can be to have dull scissors, weak pliers and nippers which allways are left in the jacket, back home or in the car. It ends here :-)

We present a high-quality and yet affordable line of tools for our costumers and the first feedback have from you guys have been very promising. Costumers like it a lot - and they want more. 

Super Scissors in Fish Skin Design - sharp as He..
We carry 5 different nippers. All very sharp and highly usefull in a lot of situations. At these prices you can afford to have a set of nippers in all bags, waders and jacktes. You can also take a pick from our 3 diffenrent pliers (all stainless steel) when you're looking for tools to debarb hook, release fish, cut liner og wire and many more applications. Our fish skin design is used in many of the products. We think it simply just looks damn good and yes "fishy". Check out our fly tying scissors if you're looking for a super sharp set of scissors usefull in almost all steps of the fly tying procedure. A popular seller allready. 

We urge you to take a look at our brand new selection of usefull tool designed with flyfishers and fly tyers in mind. We have given the tools our own design and have a trusted a very skilled toolmaking company to back us on this project. Allways feel free to contact us on with questions and feedback and please take a tour in the shop

Monday, January 11, 2016

Taylor Reels now at

Taylor Reels now at

New high-end brand in the shop We'll start bringing outstanding top-quality flyreels from Taylor Reels to our Scandinavian and European costumers.
Array - by Taylor Reels

In 2016 we're presenting some brand new high quality flyreels from Taylor Reels. Matthew and his crew have in no-time made Taylor Reels a well-know name in the business.

Revolution - by Taylor Reels
We carry both their models called Array and Revolution. In April 2016 we expect to have the latest model (Enigma) hitting our shop too.

Taylor Reels stand out from many other good reels with their very own unique design, cool colors and a super-strong breaking system. We think many Scandinavian and European anglers alike will find their next new fly reel to be a Taylor Reel.

Take a good look at Array and Revolution from Taylor Reels and buy yours now from Skagitanglers and get it at great intro prices.

We know you want it!

Read mores about the reels at

Visit our shop at

Thursday, December 10, 2015

New ties - speyflies on hook or shank

New flies - "Classic" Speyflies and Hoh Bo Spey's

Lady Caroline #2/0
Pink Intruders on Skagit Shank - articulated
A lot of new flytying materials are comming in every day at the shop ( We're super busy takeing care of costumers orders but still find the time to tie a few flies now and then.
We have been steeping back to the roots a bit and have been tying a few old school spey flies as well as some more of the "usual" intruder type flies for salmon and steelhead for the comming season. It's still dark and cold outside but now it's the best time of the year to fill the boxes. Hope you might find inspiration in these pics to help you fill your own fly box with hot flies for the 2016 season.

Hoh Bo Spey's and the materials you need
Coast Orange inspired Spey flies
We have a lot of new top-quality materials from Semperfli, OPST and Sybai in stock. The list is too long to sow here so we urge you to take a tour in the shop. Our suppliers for sure knows how to produced the best materials we've seen in a long time.

We also present to you our new Skagit Shanks in stainless steel. These articulated shanks in 3 sizes are perfect for a lot of different flies and we love tying our Hoh Bo Speys on these shanks simply because it looks stunning. Hoh Bo's fish best unweighted and tied on our new shanks you will get a light and well balanced fly which is super hot for salmon, steelhead and seatrout throughout the season.

Skagit Shanks in 3 sizes.
More Hoh Bo's - some with Skagit Cones
Here's just a few pic of the latest creations for you to enjoy (hopefully). All materials can be found in the shop. Feel free to contact us is you have any questions on

We gladly ship to costumers in every corner of the globe and are proud to be your one-stop skagit shop. You can follow us at Instagram for your dayly fly fix find us at #skagitanglers

Take care and happy tying out there to you all.

Monday, November 23, 2015

New supplier - Sybai flytying products in stock

Sybai flytying products now in stock

Skagitanglers still continues our effort to expand the huge range of high-quality flytying products we carry in stock. In our constant search for new exciting stuff for flytying salmon and steelhead flies we came across some super nice products from Sybai. Now it's about time to bring these products to the knowledge of all our clients and followers. We know you want it - now we have it :-)

Sybai have a vast amount of different and mostly synthetich made products which fit perfectly in our niche of flytying. We like to tie flies - like our intruders and the likes -with light, mobile and generaly fairly "flashy" materials partly because it's just plain fun and partly because it works. Salmon, seatrout and steelhead dig a flashy fly which stands out and looks different from what everybody elses are throwing at them ;-)
We have for a start picked a long list of Sybai materials to the shop and to name just a few we now have: Craft Fur, Pearl Braid Rib, Fine Twist Hair, Angle Hair, Tinsels, and 4 different kinds of dubbing. All of these great products comes in a breathtaking numbers of color variants. We're sure there will be enough to choose from for all fly tiers around. Just take your pick :-)

Please take a look at the full range of top-quality flytying products from Sybai.

Did we mention that we sell these products at very reasonable prices

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Skagitanglers and Salmon Junkies team up

Skagitanglers and Salmon Junkies team up for the 2016 British Columbia program

We at Skagitanglers love to travel to fantastic fly fishing destinations around the world and we have for some time been working on different ways to bring our clients to some of the best salmon and steelhead waters in the world.

In our research we obviously have been looking toward our fellow Danes at Salmon Junkies for inspiration as they without doubt are marked leaders in their field. Steffen Juhl and crew have some 25+ year’s experience as travel agents and both our companies share a lot of values and ideas on how to make the perfect trip and experience for clients. To make a long story short, Skagitanglers are now able to offer fishing trips to prime locations in British Columbia under the wings of Salmon Junkies.
Call or mail us at  if you have any questions about the trips or on which gear you should bring. Take a look at

Booking and enquiries for the 2016 Skeena River program can now be made to either Steffen from Salmon Junkies or Claus from Skagitanglers. So far we have weeks available and we have some vacant spots spread out through the season.
Call or mail us at  if you have any questions about the trips or on which gear you should bring.
To fly fishers around the globe Skeena is a dream destination offering nearly boundless opportunity to pursue what are among the largest sea-run fish on the planet.

The 2016 Skeena River Program

Spring Steelhead – the holy grail of flyfishing

We start the season in March/April in search for the holy grail of flyfishing which is swinging for big aggressive spring steelhead. We’ll concentrate our efforts on Skeena in its lower reaches between the town of Terrace and tidewater, where steelhead hold surprisingly close to the river’s edge in shallow tail outs and riffles. Please check out Salmon Junkies´s iconic Spring Steelhead movie here and judge yourself 

Chinook - Not for the fainthearted

In July we will target the Kitimat, Copper, Kalum and Skeena rivers, depending on conditions. Skeena region Chinook average 20 to 40 pounds and range up to 80 pounds — and perhaps beyond. The Skeena’s biggest have been known to reach 100 pounds! Please note: Fly fishing for Chinooks is a 100% adrenaline activity. It is not for the fainthearted. On the other hand, for fly fishers after the juiciest kicks in fresh water, not much else can top it. If you still not are convinced please check out Salmon Junkies latest BC film here -

Skeena Summer camp - "Big Bang For The Buck"

Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Lower Skeena is unparalleled. Renowned rivers such as the Babine, Kispiox, Sustut, Bulkley, Morice, Copper and Kalum enter the Skeena above our camp and all fish bound for these rivers must pass directly in front of us before reaching their spawning grounds. Only a day or two out of the ocean, at the peak of their size, you will now be able to fish lower main channel Skeena hosts vast numbers of migrating Chinook, Steelhead Coho, Sockeye, Chums and Pinks headed for numerous upriver tributaries. To take full advantage of this prolific fishery and offer a high-quality, high-value fishing adventure – for both novice and seasoned anglers alike. 
Guests will stay at the on-river Skeena camp for the duration of their stay.  On arrival, our staff will pick clients up at the airport, stop in the town of Terrace to pick up any supplies, then transport clients to the river, where camp staff will be waiting to receive them.  After an orientation in camp, guests are welcome to string their rods together and fish for the remainder of the day.

Fall Steelhead

In late summer and during fall we turn to the Skeena tributaries and hunt for surface active summer/fall steelhead. The fall fisheries have in many years been very popular in the Skeena region and for a good reason. Also here Salmon Junkies a Skagit Anglers will be able to offer some unique opportunities. Contact us for more info as the numbers of available rods are very limited
Join us to Skeena main stem and select tributaries in a full 6-day package – not the usual 5 days package – in company of some of the best and most hardcore Canadian steelhead guides available.

The area - Skeena River Valley

Many people believe that Skeena watershed is easy accessible and easy-going to fish. However that is not the case if you want to get most out of a week. Many of the best rivers and spots are more or less impossible to access without a local guide, and the only way to get there is by power full jetboat and local knowledge. Lastly some of the most attractive rivers are licensed with limited access for only a small numbers of people. Salmon Junkies have access to all classified water plus a well selected numbers of coastal river. But perhaps and more important we have probably the best team of Steelheads guides, that will share their darkest secrets and lead you to the fish.

Award-winning Nicholas Dean Outdoors

For guiding and outfitting services in our steelhead and chinook program we have partnered with award-winning Nicholas Dean Outdoors. Based in Terrace and named Fly Fusion Magazine’s Canadian Lodge of the Year for 2012, NDO features a roster of guides whose knowledge of local rivers and fish are unrivaled in the area. Accordingly, NDO enjoys a well-earned, loyal following of Hardcore spring steelhead anglers. We are confident you will find their work to be exemplary.